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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Time Likes To Run Away From Me

Time has a rather unfortunate ability to keep going while I continue to drown under school work and pressure. Bit annoying, can't be helped - I'm ever so sorry.

Things that have happened since I last posted:

I turned 17 and that scares me a lot (that actually happened before my last post but I didn't mention, so I thought I'd pop it in here).

I've started to learn how to drive and it is just as terrifying as I imagined, but I'm keeping a lid on the panic and AAAHHHH so that I don't do something stupid like crash or just never drive.

A Levels have started to suffocate me and I'm not entirely sure how to stop them.

I've made new friends! I had no intention of making new friends when I started sixth form, but I don't think anybody ever decides they're going to make friends. They are exceptionally lovely and hilarious and nerdy and I have already given my heart over to them completely.

Speaking of friends, I saw Anna again (link to her blog is here, link to her instagram is here). I met up with her in Bath, along with her friend Emily who is wonderful, and we went to see Sarah J Maas at the Bath Kids Literature Festival. I had a great time and I miss her a lot a lot a lot a lot.

This was just before we saw Sarah J Maas. Can you see the pure joy in my face?

(left to right) Me, Anna, Emily all looking suitably smiley.

This is us conquering Bath. Obviously.

I haven't been ill, which is incredible because I have an infamously poor immune system and my friends have been ill 3+ times. I honestly have no idea how I've done it, but I'm very proud of my body for not giving in to the colds floating about - A Levels are tough, I really can't afford to miss school because I'm a tad sniffly.

I cut my hair shorter, dealt with triangle hair for a week and then I loved it. And now it's grown again, so it's more of a lob than a bob. I also toyed with the idea of growing out my fringe, but decided against it - A Levels have meant many late nights, which means I wake up later and groggier than usual, which means little to no time spent on my appearance minus a splodge of concealer and a dab of powder, which means ponytails every day. And nothing makes a ponytail look more deliberate and cute than a fringe. (shoutout to past Bethan for getting a fringe; you've saved me from continuous bad hair days these past 7 weeks)

Things keep happening and time keeps running away from me like an idiotic 4 year old that doesn't understand that the last time I said ok stop it now I was being serious. It keeps running and I'm too tired to make an effort and it's too busy laughing at me getting frustrated and annoyed that it doesn't see the rock before it's grazed its knee and is crying and blaming me for not stopping it.

A lot has been and gone since I last posted. I'm sorry it's been so long - it's never a deliberate absence, I promise. Time is an annoying thing.


  1. Bethan, you are honestly the cutest person in the world. ♥ I love reading your posts so much!

    1. Aaww, I'm so glad! I like writing them - I just wish I could do it more. Thank you so much <3 xx

  2. I miss you a lot a lot a lot a lot xxxx


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