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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Creative Thursday: Six Word Story #4

Hi, guys! This is a really quick Creative Thursday because I want to get back to reading City of Heavenly Fire! It was so hard to put it down and write this! I'm currently on page 427 - I read 300 pages yesterday when I first got it (it came out late in the UK) and 127 pages today, but I plan on reading a lot more! At least 200 pages :)
Anyways, here it is.
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Her memories lay scattered around her.

Now, back to City of Heavenly Fire!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Theories

Hi, guys!
For a lot of you Shadowhunters in the US, you now have your hands on the final Mortal Instruments book, City of Heavenly Fire. However, for me in the UK, it comes out tomorrow because of an unfortunate Bank Holiday. So I decided, the day before UK release, to do a City of Heavenly Fire Crackpot Theories post. *cheers*
*faint screaming*
Took this picture and added the text so no stealing please!


Right. You've been warned. If you haven't read the books and choose to read on, that's your choice. Okay, let me just give a little space for the non-spoiler people to leave.





Okay. I think that is sufficient room! Now. Hello there, fellow Shadowhunters. Are you ready for Heavenly Fire? What a stupid question. Of course you aren't. Nobody is. Right, anyway. Theories!

If you haven't heard, Cassandra Clare has announced that 6 named characters are going to die in COHF. She also says that one of those 6 will be a boyfriend. Now, here's who me thinks will be dying (I hope I'm wrong with so many of these people...)

1. Sebastian 
This guy. He has to die. He has to. He's been hanging around for too long, somebody just needs to kill him. I hate this guy....

2. Raphael
Raphael wants to kill Simon, right? But he couldn't because Simon had the Mark of Cain. Well, now he doesn't. So Raphael is going to be trying to kill Simon again and he's too lucky to die! I mean look at his history: He's been turned into a rat, nearly dies, is used as a sacrifice by Valentine, nearly dies again, gets caught in a Forsaken battle, sacrifices himself to Raphael, is caught in another battle, gets stabbed, gets shot, is forced to drink the blood of a demon corpse and summons the Angel Raziel. I mean, come on! He just isn't going to die! Therefore, Raphael must die ;)

3. Amatis
She's a named character, and she's a bad guy because of that whole dark Shadowhunter thing. So I figure she must die.

4. Luke/Maryse/Robert/Jocelyn
Any of the parents. I think Jocelyn is the least likely to die. I'm not sure why, I just can't picture an emotional death scene over her. Luke, however, I think is a big possibility. As is Maryse. We know from Cassie that there is a major character death early on in the book. And I can see Maryse/Luke being that character. I really don't want Luke to die because I love him as a character, but he's the right amount of devastating to us that I can just see Cassandra Clare killing him :(

5. Jordan/Maia
I can see Jordan dying, protecting Maia. And that would cover the boyfriend end of things. I'd be sad to see either of these two die but I've never felt really emotionally attached to these two, individually and as a couple. I'd be really sad, but not as sad as if Izzy or Simon died. Cassie also said that at the end of the book, one couple is separated, so this could be them.

6. Magnus/Alec
Again, more than one person, but there's just so many possibilities! I think they'll get back together, just in time for one of them to die? I really don't want either of them to die, though :( There's also this snippet: 
"Well, it's a bit ironic, isn't it?"
"What do you mean?"
"All that effort to convince you I wasn't in love with you, and here I am, dying in your arms."

I feel like this could be Magnus talking to Alec. This snippet could be from TMI or TDA, so it's not definitely from COHF, but if it is....I really don't want this to happen! This could also be the whole 'couple remains separated' thing.
I can also see Alec dying, though, and Jace going through what Will did, feeling his Parabatai rune burn as he loses him. This book is going to end me, I swear....
(Let me know in the comments below if you agree with any of my 6 and who you think the 6 will be!)

I don't know if you've seen this floating around, but there's a theory that Isabelle isn't Robert's daughter. In Lost Souls, Izzy is talking about how she wishes she had inherited her parents blue eyes instead of having dark eyes. So, Robert and Maryse both have blue eyes and it is fairly uncommon for two blue eyed people to have a dark eyed child, because blue eyes is a recessive gene. It could be Robert's child because we know he has an affair, but he has an affair a year or two before or after Max is conceived and it's always been said how much Izzy looks like Maryse. So what was Maryse doing around the time Isabelle would have been conceived. She was in the circle with Valentine. You know what Valentine was doing around that time? Testing on pregnant women. And what if there were no pregnant women around? Well, he'd just have to get someone pregnant. And Valentine knows when he has someone wrapped around his finger. Maryse loved him, would have done anything for him. You know who has dark eyes? Valentine. Yeah. Yeah! Massive plot twist!
Also, Valentine is talking in City of Glass about how it isn't fair that vampires and warlocks and Downworlders in general have all these other powers, like immortality. So what if he tested on pregnant Maryse with a wickle bit of vampire blood or something like that? And she got immortality. Sizzy forever! *parties* (I don't think that last bit will happen, it's just what I want to happen...) Cassandra Clare doesn't just add in Izzy talking about her eyes for nothing. Izzy could have been thinking about anything, but it was her eyes.

This has also been floating about the internet. Somehow, the Heavenly Fire in Jace will be transferred to Brother Zachariah. And the Heavenly Fire burns away all the bad, all the demon inside you. So wouldn't it burn away all of the drug inside Brother Zachariah, turning him back into Jem? I really hope this happens right in the start so that Jem can be helping them and interacting with them and fighting for Team Good :) I also want Tessa to be a massive part in this book, so maybe the epilogue in Clockwork Princess could happen near the start/in the middle of COHF so that they can be together and we can see them being all cutesie and stuff :)

Cassandra Clare mentioned somewhere that Jace Herondale isn't necessarily the end of the Herondale line. So who else is a Herondale? I've seen in a lot of places people saying that Stephen Herondale (Jace's father) didn't actually die and faked his death and then had more children. Don't know if this is true, but I can't wait to find out who else is a Herondale!

I think the massive battle will start at Luke and Jocelyn's wedding (like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, I've been told by my older brother) I just think that would be so cool and they'd get married and then BOOM! Dark Shadowhunters attack!

I think if by some upsetting chance, Simon does die, Isabelle will join the Iron Sisters at the end of the books. Because they do tell Izzy that she would make a great Iron Sister, so... Especially if Simon, Alec and Maryse die. Oh my gosh, that would just be the worst! Please don't let this happen.....
Wait. Hold it. I just.....oh my gosh. I just remembered. In Fallen Angels, Lilith tells Simon that he can resurrect people. So what if Izzy dies... and Simon brings her back to life....That would be awesome! Wait, what if he brings her back to life as a vampire??? Oh my gosh, I need this book!

I think Magnus will give up his immortality for Alec. Or his powerful, evil demon dad, who we meet in this book (I think) takes it away from him. I just want Alec and Magnus to be together!

I don't think Maureen killed Camille. I think Camille is still out there somewhere and she's going to make an appearance. I just... I don't feel like Maureen, this 14 year old could take down Camille, an older, way more powerful vampire. I don't know, maybe she did but...

Wow. That is a lot of theories!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little theories post. I can't wait until I get my hands on this book tomorrow! Let me know all of your theories in the comments below!

See you on the other side, Shadowhunters!

Thanks for reading

Monday, 26 May 2014

Awards // Tag // Blog Party // Randomness

Hey guys!
Bit of a mixed post today. I have a couple of awards, a tag, a blog party and some other random stuff :)
First, the Liebster Award!
I made this button myself (I hope that isn't against the rules :/) Feel free to use this button, just give me credit and stuff :)

I was nominated by the lovely Eve (because I said mango first in the comments ;) ) and the wonderful Anna. Please click on their names and check out their beautiful blogs!

1. Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you.
2. Nominate a few of your favourite bloggers and let them know on their blog.
3. The Liebster Award button must be in the post.
4. You must answer a list of 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you has written.
5. At the end of the post, you must write 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

I will be doing Eve's set of questions first.

1. What is your personality like?
Ummm.... I don't really know. I'm quite creative. A lot of my friends say they thought I was really shy when they first met me. Then they got to know me... ;) I'm not too sure, haha! Lauren, if you want to help me out, comment below!

2. What is one thing you would change about the world?
There are so many things I would change! Racism would be gone. As would sexism and homophobic bullying. War, starvation, thirst, homelessness. Gone. I really want equal distribution of wealth. How is it fair that footballers get paid millions when people are starving, dehydrated, sleeping in the open? So much to change in this world, I can't pick one thing.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
It was more better than. It was more simpler. No. Stop. It's either more simple or simpler. Stop. I also hate when somebody comes into my room and leaves the door open. Just a tiny crack, but it's still open. But my biggest pet peeve is the first one. It bugs me.

4. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, definitely! But I prefer vanilla ice cream.

5. What is something you can't live without?
My family. Dis girl. My friends. Books. Internet. 

6. What do you like about blogging?
I love that I've made so many new friends - check out their blogs here (Kenzie), here (Rosie), here (Madeline), here (Anna), here (Celia), here (Elly) and here (Bekah). I also love the positive comments I get from you guys about my writing - they make my day! 

7. What's your favourite TV show?
Dr Who and Sherlock! I can't believe I met Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman! *happy sigh* One of the best moments of my life. :) 

8. What is something you've always wanted to do?
I've always wanted to travel the world, especially Chicago, Amsterdam and Greece. Because Divergent, TFIOS and Greek Mythology... I'm a nerd. I've also always wanted to be a writer and have books published :)

9. What is your dream career?
A writer. Always has been!

10. Funniest dream?
I have had many funny dreams! I'll give you a few ;) I had a dream once that I was having a log rolling competition down the side of the Garth hill right by my house with Lauren and my friend Rebeka. And I was like "Guys. This is how it's done" and rolled down the hill and I woke up on the floor because I'd rolled out of my bed, onto Rebeka, who was sleeping over.... I also had a dream that I shouted at the Hunger Games cast for talking too loud while I was watching Catching Fire, not realising it was the cast. And then there's that one time where I dreamed everybody was ill in school, so my teacher came up to our classroom with giant gummy bears, which made us even worse. We then did PE, where I got shouted at for insulting someone's mother. And then we got called in to "go to your stations now. The badgers are coming" followed by lots of alarms and screaming. I have the weirdest, funniest dreams ever. (Tell me which is your favourite in the comments!)

11. Happiest memory?
Too many happy memories! (Which is a good thing, I suppose...) Hard to choose, but a really happy memory I have is playing Super Mario Bros with this girl and being so enthusiastic and being so weird, we fell off the stool we were sitting on... I also love thinking of roller-blading (yeah, I was cool ;) ) with my friend Rebeka and Lauren riding her bike next to us when we were younger. A lot of my happy memories are of primary school :)

Lovely questions, Eve!

Now onto the amazing Anna's questions.

1. Who is your favourite fictional character?
Oh my gosh, no! I can't choose, they are my children! I love Hermione, obviously, and Luna. I love Tessa Gray, Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs (best love triangle. Ever.) I really like Finnick, Peeta and Christina (from Divergent) I love Gus and Hazel, I love the Doctor (David and Matt's versions) I love John Watson and Sherlock. I love Simon and Magnus. I can't choose, I'm sorry!

2. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
Does meeting Cassandra Clare, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman count (hehe)? Hmmmm....The librarian knows my name? Haha! My mum said having her as my mother when I asked her *sigh* Cheers mum for the serious answer.... I suppose passing my piano grades 1-3 is my biggest achievement at the moment. I also think starting this blog and getting 26 followers is a great achievement for me :) That was so hard - I haven't achieved a lot that people would think of as an achievement. A lot of little things I've done feel like a great achievement to me!

3. Would you rather go a year without sweet things or a year without salty things? (maw ha ha I'm evil ;) )
Oooo.... I'm tempted to say sweet things, because if you think about it, a lot of things are salty? But chocolate... I'm going to have to say a year without salty things!

4. What languages do you know?
I know English (kind of obvious...) I know quite a bit of Welsh (because I live in Wales, if you hadn't gathered that!) and the same amount of French. I also know a bit of German :)

5. Would you rather paint or dance?
Paint, definitely. I'm a rubbish dancer! I only dance if I'm on my own or with a certain hyper friend....*cough* Lauren.

6. The colour yellow or the colour green?
Green. I love yellow, but definitely green :)

7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert! I have a wickle bit of extrovert, but only about this much -- >.< I'm definitely an introvert.

8. Favourite book series?
I can't pick! The Hunger Games, Divergent, the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, Harry Potter. I can't pick, sorry! 

9. Are you a dare-devil or a more cautious person?
Definitely a cautious person!

10. Dogs or cats?
Dogs! I only like a few cats, definitely a dog person!

11. What is your favourite band/song artist?
Again, can't really pick! I love Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Kodaline and Gabrielle Aplin. I quite like Taylor Swift as well.

And that's the Liebster Award done! Thanks again for nominating me, you guys :) Okay, nominations!
I nominate:

Here are your questions!

1. Describe your perfect day. What would you do, what would happen, who would you spend it with?

2. If you could choose one fictional character to spend a day with, who would it be and why?

3. What is your happiest memory? You can name more than one.

4. If you could be one fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

5. What is your most recent dream?

6. In front of the camera or behind it?

7. What is your greatest achievement?

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world and spend a week there, where would you go and why?

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

10. What is your dream job?

11. Would you rather go to Hogwarts or be the Doctor's companion? (hehehe....)



Next: the Fashion Tag, created by the wonderful Anna, who tagged me in this as well - thanks Anna ;) Here's the link to the post.

1. Include one of the fashion tag buttons in your post.
2. Answer all of the questions.
3. Nominate 3-5 bloggers to do it next. :)

1. What is your favourite kind of hairstyle?
Definitely a braid. I wear it all the time!

2. What is your favourite kind of top?
T-shirts, definitely! I love snuggly jumpers in the winter, but t-shirts are my favourite. :)

3. Do you prefer shorts or skirts?
Shorts! Since I have only just bought a skirt.... I love my skirt, but shorts, definitely!

4. Favourite style of dress?
Um... I like floaty dresses. Lacy ones and such. Ya know the ones? Where the top is quite fitted (not really tight though...) and the bottom is floaty and pretty. Those ones. ;)

5. Winter outfits or Summer outfits?
Hmmm... I love Summer outfits, but I'd have to say Winter because big jumpers and leggings has to be the comfiest thing ever.... Also, I'm really insecure about how I look, so the more of me covered up, the better...

6. Necklaces or bracelets?
Bracelets! I really can't be bothered with necklaces a lot of the time!

7. Favourite kind of shoe?
Lace up boots or trainers. Comfy shoes :)

Well, that was fun! Now for the tagging!
I tag:

Have fun! You don't have to do this tag if you don't want to! It's up to you :)


Next: Anna's Blog Party! 
*turns on music* 
*brings out cake* 
*puts up balloons* 
*sprinkles glitter and confetti everywhere* 
*dances weirdly* ~(•-•~)   (~•-•)~  ~(•-•)~   \(•-•)/

1. Favourite season?
I love them all! I'd have to say Spring or Autumn (Fall) because the weather isn't too hot but it isn't too cold.

2. Favourite colour?
Light blue.

3. Favourite author?
Too many! Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Cassandra Clare, J. K. Rowling, John Green, Rick Riordan.

4. Thing that inspires you the most?
Umm... pictures inspire me a lot. As do all of your lovely blogs! Long car rides, rain, mist, random people, being around my friends and family. Lots of things :)

5. Favourite thing about blogging?
Making friends! And getting such positive feed back about my writing >.<

*stops dancing*
*sweeps up confetti and glitter*
*hands out balloons to all you lovely people*
*grabs last slice of cake*
*turns off music*


And now, for a bit o randomness. Firstly, Celia over at Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. is having a writing challenge from June 2nd (I think) til August. Click here for more information about it - it sounds really cool! Just a note to say I'm going to be taking part because it sounds awesome.

Secondly: *starts crying* Goodbye, beautiful Brooke!
Yes, the wonderful Brooke Elise has decided to stop blogging *cries harder* *sobs into cake slice* *pops my balloon because it's too happy* *cries because I popped the balloon* As you can tell from my *--* actions, I'm a bit of an emotional mess at the moment....
Goodbye Brooke! You have been a great inspiration to me and we will all miss you! 

*wipes tears away* *eats cake slice, now wet from my tears* In other news, only 2 more days until CoHF is out :) I'm not prepared for the emotions! *coughs*

Wow. This was a long post! Thank you all for reading

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Words #3: Home



photo 1 | 2 | 3 }


1. A building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper storeys.


1. The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

There's a lot of difference between a house and a home. A house is an empty thing, a shell with no love, no warmth, no memories to fill it. A home is a happy place, somewhere to be safe and to hide from everything bad. But a home is more than just a place. It's a feeling. You can find a home in a place you don't live, in something you do, in the company of a person, in religion. I feel at home with my family. I feel at home when I'm reading. I feel at home in the book shop. I feel at home when I'm writing. I feel at home in the library. I feel at home with her by my side. I feel at home with God. I feel safe in these places and with these people. That to me is what home means. Home is where you live, sure. But home is where you feel safe, where you feel loved, where you are with the people you love.

Thanks for reading

"It's by your side I make my home."

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Hay Festival

Hey guys!
So, I met Cassandra Clare. And it was awesome! A guy came up to me while I was queuing for book signings and said she could only dedicate one book to me but she would sign all others, so he stuck a sticky note with Bethan on it on Clockwork Princess (I chose that one because it's beautiful with the best ending ever!) So I'm standing in line, holding all five TMI books and the TID trilogy, feeling really awkward. I had 8 books piled in my arms and everybody in front and behind me only had one or two. So. Awkward. But I got to the table and she was so nice! She was there with her friend, Sarah Rees Brennan (she helped write the Bane Chronicles with her, which I have yet to read - they're e-books, so...) and I had the nicest conversation with them. Here's how it went down:

Me: H-hi...
Cassie: Hi, how are you?
Me: Er... Great, thanks.
*Puts books on table* *Cassie takes Clockwork Princess*
Sarah: Ooo, is that your favourite one?
Me: Yeah, I love it!
Sarah: Did you enjoy the ending?
Sarah: Or did you cry?
Cassie: Or both?
Me: Erm.. a little bit!
Cassie: I'm so glad. A lot of people think crying at books is a bad thing, but I always find it reassuring.
Me: Yeah, I understand.
*Cassie continues signing books*
Sarah: Did you cry at Deathly Hallows?
Me: No, I don't really cry at books but I was so emotional!
Sarah: I cried so hard! As did Cassie.
Cassie: Yeah, as soon as Hedwig died I was gone.
Me: Yeah, that was a hard death. So sad!
*Cassie finished signing books* *I awkwardly have picture with her*
Me: Thank you so much. I can't wait for City of Heavenly Fire. Hopefully it won't emotionally scar me.
Cassie: I don't think I can promise that...

The best conversation I've ever had. I walked away and started fangirling so. hard. Like, I just talked to two super nice authors about crying and Harry Potter. When does that happen??!! And she signed all 8 of my books - never met an author that signed 8 books!
Here's me and Cassie.
Best moment of my life (as well as meeting Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. When I stepped on the 12th Doctor's foot.... I'm socially awkward, don't judge me) You can see my giant pile of books in the corner, and Sarah's cardigan sleeve in the bottom left corner :) They were so nice, oh my gosh >.< Also, never drag 8 books around all day - it hurts you shoulders. I'm aching so much right now! But it was worth it ;)

I am so excited for City of Heavenly Fire. I started reading Cress by Marissa Meyer yesterday because I know after CoHF, I will have the biggest book hangover ever, and I won't want to read Cress. So, I am on a strict schedule. It is 550 pages long exactly. And I started it on Friday, which gave me 5 and a bit days until CoHF comes out (it's a day late in the UK because of a bank holiday) So I need to read a minimum of 110 pages a day. I didn't do that on Friday because I was busy, but I caught up with that today and read the needed 110 pages, so I've read around 220 pages of it (I actually think I'm on page 231) The schedule is working!

Hay was so much fun :) It was really rainy, but fun! Helps that I met one of my favourite authors ^.^ Here are some pictures I took. And there's one at the end that my dad took of me in the Oxfam book tent. I quite liked it, so I decided to put it in this post :)

All photos belong to me - or my dad ;) - so no stealing please!

My braid was falling out in that picture - my hair is so messy! And the concentration on my face has I hunt for books - I look really intense....

I hope you enjoyed this brief post. I will be doing another award on Monday, so look out for that!
Thanks for reading

Friday, 23 May 2014

Creative Thursday

There is half a day until I meet Cassandra Clare. I repeat, half a day!!!! I think I might cry when I see her....
In other news, it was year 13's last day today and I walked in on a girl writing "The chamber of secrets has been opened" in red paint on the girl's toilets mirrors. I told her it was awesome ;) I'll show you a picture sometime :)
So here's your creativeness for the week. It's another story in a picture from Celia over at Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. I love this idea! It forces me to write - so thanks Celia! I can't believe I was the feature story for last week's (or 2 weeks ago... I have a terrible memory...) challenge! Thank you so much Celia. :}

He started writing again, his pencil digging harder and harder into the paper. He forced words out of him, everything feeling wrong. She couldn't be described. He dug hard into the notebook, thick black lines covering his work as he scribbled angrily over the page. The lead snapped and he sighed, throwing it into the mess of his room.
Running his hands through his hair, he looked at his guitar, propped against his bed. Slowly, he picked it up again, trailing his thin fingers absentmindedly over the strings. His mother had always wanted him to play the piano - he was born with pianist's fingers, she always said - but he had been insistent in the music shop. He wanted that guitar.
Placing it carefully on his bed, he picked up his coffee mug and sipped. He made a face as the black liquid slid down his throat, cold and bitter. He put it down on the floor and scooped up his notebook, thinking about the way her hair curled around her shoulders, her eyes were always smiling, her laughter filling his heart and his mind and warming his soul. But no words came.
He started to write about her smile but it didn't sound write. He rubbed it away, the words on the page brushed off.
Music had always helped him escape his feelings, escape the real world. I guess this time he couldn't escape.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Art by Me :)

Hey guys!
A few of you commented on my last post saying you would like to see some of my art and drawings and such. So I decided to post today showing you :) I hope you like them!

 A hand and an eye. Because I wanted to draw something. So I drew the two simple, go-to things for a drawer :)

I saw this as Mackenzie's profile picture on her Pinterest and decided to draw it :} And I saw a picture like this on Pinterest somewhere and thought it was pretty so I drew it! I'm really proud of it >.<

This is the birthday card I drew for Lauren. I'm really proud of it, actually. I think it's one of my better drawings :) And dis is moi on the right (please excuse mah ugly face...) I painted the Hogwarts crest for Lauren's present and I really wanted to show you. Since I really wanted to show you this painting and this is the only photo I have of it, I thought you might as well see who's behind the blog posts :) So yeah. That's me! Ignore the pigtails - I was trying to keep my curls in tact before Lozza's party - and the dress. It was a party, I dressed up. And it was really hot!

Well, I hope you liked my art :) Comment below and let me know which one's your favourite!

Thanks for reading

Monday, 19 May 2014

Random Stuff

Hey :)
Been a bit stuck for post ideas recently, so another random post today sorry!
The Bout of Books read-a-thon has ended and I did not do too well... I still haven't finished Scarlet, but I am on page 221, which is just under half way. I'll be reading a lot more now that City of Heavenly Fire is so close! I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow night (which is going to mean late-night-reading sessions....) and then finish Cress before the post arrives on Wednesday 28th May! *screams and cries while drawing runes on arms*
Congratulations to my amazing internet buddy Mackenzie on getting 101 followers! *brings out the glitter, confetti, balloons and cake* You deserve it so much because you and your blog are beautiful and amazing and brilliant. :)
^ Look, I made you dis button thingy. ♥ ^

Urgh, it's raining outside :( It's been so hot recently, and it was boiling earlier - I felt like I was about to faint! - and now it's pouring down.... Make your mind up, weather!
I have 20 followers! Thank you so much - I know 20 doesn't seem a lot, but I didn't think even one person would read my blog, let alone 20 people. 3 of my followers are my friends. So 17 people willingly followed my blog... because they enjoy reading it?! (what the...I just...what.) I can't thank you all enough for your support and beautiful, positive comments that make my day! Just.. thank you! I wuv you guys!
Because otherwise this will be a really short post, I thought I would share with you some photos that I took over the course of the 2 week Easter Holidays. I am not a good photographer - these were just taken with my iPhone - I just thought these were some pretty shots! A few of the last ones, I was just a bit bored, so I went out into my garden and took some pictures of flowers and such :)

I'm really proud of these pictures! Please, no stealing, thank you :)

The first picture is my best friend Lauren (we were making daisy chains in a park near her house.) Please go check out her blog here because she's lovely (wuv you Lozza!) The second picture is my friend Megan, who I don't see a lot anymore, which is sad, but she came along with me and Lauren and was extremely proud of the daisy she found ;) Just to let you know that I do know them, they're not just random girls :}

Side Note: I was wondering if you'd like to see some of my art work? I'm not sure whether to show you guys or not, so please comment below telling me if you'd like to :) I was going to put some of ma stuff in this post but then I thought, if you don't want to, then it's a waste of space. But if I know you want to, then next time I do a random-y post, I can include some of my recent drawings and paintings and such :]
So yeah, comment below :) Also comment below telling me which photo is your favourite!

Thanks for reading guys

Thank you all so much for 20 followers. I... I'm speechless. I love you all!